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Our customers increase their sales using eCommerce and digital marketing tactics.

What do we do?

We help farmers to sell 
directly and locally

Digital Marketing

We generate new sales by activating your current and potential customers.

Marketing Plan

We analyze new markets to sell your production.

Electronic Commerce

We deploy digital distribution channels to diversify your customer base.

Why Farsley?

Our mission is to serve local agriculture

Farsley is the name of a small village and we believe in a local economy to preserve our food sovereignty.

Case Studies

Discover our mandates given
by agricultural companies

our packages

Our packages increase
your bottom line

Create or refresh
your online presence

Available services 
- eCommerce website 
- Social media 
- Newsletter
- Customer database 
- Advertising platforms 
- Visual identity

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Acquire or retain
your customers

Available services
- Content creation 
- Newsletter management 
- Social media 
- SEO 
- Google advertising 
- Facebook advertising 
- Advertising campaigns

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Diversify your

Available services
- Order management 
- Updating of profiles
- Referencing (ASO)
- Feedback management 
- Customer service 
- Competitive intelligence 
- Price strategy

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Develop new markets or products

Available services
- Business plan 
- Marketing plan 
- Communication strategy 
- Media strategy 
- Content strategy 
- Operations plan 
- Growth plan

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Our services

Each service generates
additional sales

Farms wishing to engage in eCommerce must have business processes in place. 

  • We help our clients to avoid the main problems encountered when deploying a technology platform by advising them according to their specific needs.
  • We take in charge the creation of a new transactional website and we make sure it is integrated with all the management systems set up to record sales.
  • We provide performance reports and we detail what may have influenced clients to buy.

Every month, we maintain your online presence in order to convert your current and potential customers.

  • We act as your marketing department. For example, we manage your social media or send out newsletters based on your customers' profiles.
  • We also analyze your sales to identify trends and evaluate when we should do advertising.
  • We create content that sets you apart from the competition, optimizes your website for search and builds customer loyalty by sending newsletters that are personalized.

Targeted digital advertising campaigns based can directly increase sales.

  • We manage your advertising campaigns according to the media budget you wish to invest, whether it be on Google, Facebook or Instagram, and we can establish collaborations with influencers.
  • We create advertising campaigns in traditional media if you wish to reach your customers through local newspapers or specialized magazines.
  • We provide monthly performance reports on the return of each dollar invested.

Electronic marketplaces are an additional source of revenue that we need to capitalize on.

  • We take care of the creation of your account so that your file is optimized according to the criteria of each algorithm.
  • We establish the parameters for international exports according to the rules that you must respect in your sector.
  • We can provide customer service according to the requirements of each customer.

Strategic planning makes it possible to market new agricultural production with the aim of achieving the highest possible return.

  • Depending on the different facets of the strategic planning required, we accompany you in the creation of different action plans necessary for the realization of your project.
  • If you wish to share costs with other farmers for a particular project, we act as a facilitator in the creation of your partnerships.
  • For each strategic plan offered, we offer the opportunity to carry out the activities listed in it to simplify your life.
Our partners

Subsidies are available for direct trade with consumers

As a farm, you have access to financial support offered by various organizations seeking to help you market directly to consumers. We can help you through the application process.

our team

Experts with more than 10 years
of digital experience

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